From 1928 at your service with quality, innovation, competence and reliability. For 80 years, Providus has been recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer of technologically-advanced soldering and camping products. Our brand success is the result of the creative and professional approach we use during the development of each of our products. In order to satisfy the continuous demand for technologically-advanced products, our engineers, technicians and managers have always paid attention to all new production technology, raw materials, production processes.
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Providus Gas Cartridges

Available in the following sizes:

190g -  pierceable cartridges

CGV210LE - 210gr 7//16" thread

CGV230LC - 220gr 7//16" thread

CGV230LC - 230gr Stove Type Cylinder

CGV330LAE - 330gr Anti-Flare 7//16" thread

CGV330LE - 330gr 7//16" thread

CGV425E - 425gr 7//16" thread

These Cartridges contain LP Gas and is of a portable and disposable nature.

It is the most common form of energy used in outdoor cooking & camping.

Also widely used in the Plumbing and Building sector.