Manual Change-over Regulators c/w Brackets & Connectors
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Manual Change-over Regulator C/W Bracket

1) Designed for outdoor use and installation only

    Working Temperature 20 deg C - 55 deg C

    Outlet Pressure 2.8 kPa

    Capacity 4 kg/hr

    Inlet Connection 1/4" NPT

    Outlet  Connection 3/8" NPT

2) The Regulator is for outdoor installation only and can only be installed by a LPGSA certified Gas

    Practitioner (Refer to SANS 10087-1)

3) For the installer

a) Mount this regulator by means of a wall bracket , with the vent facing downwards.

b) Check compatibility of the connections:

    Inlet is 1/4" NPT

    Outlet is 3/8" NPT Taper

c) Install in such a position that the regulator is protected against extreme weather conditions.

d) Do not overtighten connections. This will result in damage of the regulator.

e) After installation:

(i) Check that the regulator is firmly mounted and that there is no strain on the pigtail(s) when connected to the cylinder(s)

(ii) With the cylinder valve(s) in the 'Open' position, do a full leak test as per SANS 10087-1 and follow up with a full

    performance test.

(4) For the owner     

(a) Check all the connections at the regulator with every cylinder change:

Method: Use a 50/50 dishwashing liquid/water solution and spray or brush over all

 connections. If there is a leak, bubbles will appear on the joint.

 If the bubbles appear on the cylinder connection, re-tighten to the LEFT HAND side.

If the bubbles appear on the regulator, close the cylinder valve and call your installer immediately.

do not use gas or attempt to fix the problem yourself.

(b) Check periodically that the vent of the regulator is free of spider webs, dirt & grime.

(c) It is recommended that this regulator be changed every 5 years.

this can only be done by a Gas Practitioner.